Our Band Schedule



10/11 Killing time

10/12 4 hour tour

10/13 Tom Pekar's open jam, everyone plays

10/17 Bike Night with E3

10/18 outlaw rockers

10/19 Remedy

10/20 Tom Pekars Open jam

10/24 Bike night with E3, Hosted by Deadwood choppers

10/25 Lil Sump'n Sump'n

10/26 the RRI Halloween party with Cheap n Dirty

10/27 Tom Pekar's Open jam

10/31 our Bike night Finale' with E3 and special guests Bruhaha

11/1 Yankee Rebel

11/2 Mach 5

11/3 Tom Pekar's open jam

11/8 Tommy's Birthday Bash with E3

11/9Killin Time

11/10 Tom Pekar's open jam

11/15 Lisa Polizzi

11/16 Shecky and the twang Tones

11/17 Tom Pekar's open jam

11/22 Cheap n Dirty

11/23 4 hour Tour

11/24 Tom Pekar's open Jam

11/29 Gary Sellers Band

11/30 Lil Sump'n Sump'n

12/1 Tom Pekar's open jam

12/6 Yankee Rebel

12/7 the Black Petals

12/8  Tom Pekars Open jam

12/13 Rock Nation

12/14 E3

12/15 Tom Pekars Open Jam

12/20 Lil Sumpn Sumpn


12/22 Tom Pekar's open jam

12/27 Lisa Polizzi

12/28 Hat Trick

12/29 Tom Pekar's year end PAJAMA JAM!

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Every Sunday our jammers get our family discount!

Each performer will receive a bracelet once they sign up, granting them a $5 discount on any burger, a $1 discount on any appetizer, and half priced beers and rack drinks.